Child of Mercy Children’s Home (COMECH) supports 36 children in general, both boys and girls, who range in age from 3 to 19 years. We try to offer a better life to orphans as well as neglected and abandoned children from poverty stricken families.

Aside from taking care of the children and providing them with their basic needs, it is our greatest concern that they are able to attend school in order to become well educated.

Right now, in 2024, 24 children whom we support while living on the premises are; two toddlers in kindergarten, two children in primary school, five children who attend junior secondary school, fourteen who are in high school, and one to join college. 6 are girls and 18 are boys.

We are also directly supporting 12 children who have been reintegrated into the community; One child in primary school, two in high school, two to join university and seven in college and university. 6 are girls and 6 are boys.

We are proud of all of our young adults who have come so far! Our support is allowing them to smoothly transition into full self reliance. Once they have completed their education, they are in a position to find meaningful employment in Kenya. The importance of this accomplishment cannot be overstated! 

COMECH has aided more than 67 children in Kenya since it was established. 

Each of our children currently living at COMECH need outside financial support in order to progress through the entire education system. COMECH is not able to fully provide their schooling without help from generous donors. Our children would be overjoyed to have a donor sponsor them.

Please consider sponsoring one of these wonderful kids! 

COMECH Sponsorship: 4,834 KES/month (which is €31 Euros/month or $34 USD/month) 

A sponsorship covers the cost of schooling through high school graduation. However, we can work with donors to customize a sponsorship to fit their abilities (to be more of less than the standard sponsorship). Some young adults in high school and college/university have increased fees and may need more than one sponsor. These young adults are identified with an asterisk (*). Click on their pictures to learn more about each child.



NOTE: Due to privacy reasons and the children’s protection policy, we don’t disclose their personal life stories online. Please  feel free to contact us incase of any questions or concerns and you are also more than welcome to visit!